Here's what you need to know about my products. They are all one of a kind, made with various domestic and exotic woods from around the world.Here is a description of each category:

Pens: All of the pens here are twist pens, and use a Cross re-fill, available in all office supply stores among other locations, so they are easy to find. I like to mix and match the woods used in each one, and you will find both domestic and exotic woods in various combinations, as described for each one. Several different finishes are also available, including, Gold plating, gun metal, satin, Rhodium, and Black Enamel.

Bowls: These all have a food safe finish which is very durable. While some folks only wipe them clean with a clean dish towel, they can be washed and dried by hand, but please do not submerse them in water, or put in the dishwasher. All of the Cherry pieces come from the same tree, which you can see here. The domestic wood pieces take about a year to complete.

Black Palm: This is a difficult wood to obtain, and one of the least forgiving to turn, but a completed piece is stunning! From tropical Asia, it is only available in small sizes.

Shipping: I am still working on the shipping aspect, so, until I have that resolved, it's FREE shipping for everything!

For questions, send me an email:

Thanks for looking!