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JV's Wood Turning
Heirloom Turnings from Native and Exotic Woods
#234. This very large natural edge Apple wood bowl has all the character  you could want. From a storm damaged Apple tree in an ancient orchard,
the wide foot on this piece provides all the stability it needs to hold your favorite fruits.
12 1/2"x8".  SOLD
#217. Here's a beauty of a Cherry salad bowl that's acquired that aged color cherry is known for. A bit of sap wood, outlined with a darker border
adds some distinction. No stains are ever used on my pieces.
10 1/4"x4 7/8". SOLD

#315. A shallow Cherry bowl with an Asian influence, the flared foot provides elevation and a pleasing contour. Smooth as silk, this will darken with age like #217 above.
13"x2 7/8". SOLD
#495. Black Walnut, 9 1/4"x 3  1/4" calabash style
#289. A very large Ash bowl, nicely elevated, with tons of character, creamy colors giving way to naturally occurring dark areas, this versatile
piece will be at home in any decor.
14 3/8"x3 1/2". SOLD

#322. Here is a very large Cherry tulip shaped salad bowl displaying what the lumber industry calls "bird peck", markings caused by birds feeding om insects in certain years. I call it character.
15 5/8"x6 1/4". Sold
#320. A classic shaped Cherry salad bowl, from the same tree as #322 above, even bigger in diameter, this one is sure to please. Fill it with popcorn for a Breaking Bad marathon!
16 7/8"x5 1/2". SOLD
#292. Natural edge spalted Boxelder burl with very minimal bark inclusions, and a subtly flared foot, every viewing angle is eye catching. Durable, food safe finish means its useful too.
8 5/8"x7 1/8". SOLD

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