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JV'S Wood Turning
Heirloom turnings from native and Exotic woods
Welcome to my website, and thanks for stopping in. My name is John Volcko, and I am a wood turner. That sounds like a confession, and it is. 35 years ago, I acquired my first lathe, and now I can't stop turning.  I've become a purist about turning, which means that I want one piece of wood for whatever I'm turning, and with few exceptions, do not glue pieces together to get what I want.
That means I start with the tree, figure out what it has to offer, and try to get the most  out of it. Some famous sculptor once said that all he did was remove the waste. That's what I do.

From the tree to a finished piece can take over a year. Each piece gets turned 3 times, the first when the wood is green, that is, freshly cut, when a rough turning is done. After a slow and carefully controlled drying period, finish turning can take place. This is when I fine tune the contours, and refine the thickness. My pieces are thinner than most, which produces an elegance of form without sacrificing strength. The final turning is a recessed foot, a design element which enhances the form.
This giant Cherry tree is a real prize
Big pieces of Butternut on their way to be turned
From the big Cherry tree above, these will be turned outboard.
A big Silver Maple burl. That's my size 14 foot!
These rough turnings are ready to finish turn.
Finishing is done with natural oils, which penetrate the wood, and harden to a durable,
easy to care for, food safe finish. Caring for your wooden ware will keep it in pristine condition. Simply wash with warm soap and water, and hand dry. Occasionally, apply
mineral oil as you would on your wooden cutting board. With proper care, your wooden
ware will last for generations. 

For more information, including purchasing, shipping, or anything else, please contact me directly at 315-515-9144, or e-mail atpier2000@roadrunner.com.
I try to keep things updated here, but it's best to contact me to make sure.
I am a member of AAW, the American Association of Woodturners.
More of my work can be seen at Cazenovia Arisansgallery.
Member: American Association of Woodturners
Member:  World of Woodturners
A very special piece:   See that giant cherry tree above, on the right? That tree was a gift
from a collector of my turnings, and as it turns out, one of the biggest cherry trees known. It seemed only proper that I turn the biggest one piece cherry bowl known, and I think I've done it. At 27" diameter, and 8 1/4" deep. Just waiting to hear from Guinness
for verification. The piece is not currently for sale, but I thought you'd like a look.
All pieces are signed, dated, and numbered.